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It’s the season of change and everyday keeps getting colder. Even the days feels longer. But that is not all – the seasonal trends are also changing. This means one thing – time to update your wardrobe with this season’s new trends and tendencies from Redgreen.

Our newest collection has hit the stores and our webshop is shining with new arrivals – for both men and women. New arrivals made from this season’s trends, our inspiration for the maritime and nautical universe and with a focus on great qualities, that contributes to looks and comfort.

This season it is time to add knits, long sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts and the checkered shirt. Not only to stay warm but because these categories are very popular this season. Take for example our Ashton overshirt – made in materials that are very comfortable and in colors, that matches this season’s trends. It is available in yellow and brown, so there is something to choose from. So if you are into a more low-key color go with the brown choice or if you dare to put some color on – the yellow choice is perfect.

Together with the yellow color, you will soon notice that brown, blue and green follows. These colors are chosen carefully to spice up any wardrobe and to challenge the classic colors such as navy, sand and more grey-ish tones. Take for example our Sabel coat, which was only available in navy last year. The green color this year is a counterpart to the darker colors and are perfect in any classic wardrobe.

Non the less we have added another beautiful color in our autumn collection – brown. The earth colors have always been a favorite and it is not the first time it has been introduced in our collections. The earth colors are a true winner for this season, and it goes well hand in hand with the blue tones, like our favorite, navy.

All these colors can be mixed or stand alone. It depends on your personal style and what you prefer. Although do not be scared to combine your choice of colors or the different styles since layers are trending this season. Not only do layers make sure you stay warm, it makes you look cool and stylish – staying up to date on the trends and tendencies we will see much more of the incoming season. Take our Andrew shirt for example, made in corduroy. Wear it alone or with a t-shirt beneath and let it stay open. It can also be styled with a classic knit that would fit perfectly with our Spence vest.

One of the qualities that clearly appears in our new collection, is corduroy. Corduroy is a thicker quality, the fits perfectly for the incoming, colder days. Corduroy is comfortable and nice to wear, and non the less very trendy. It will be hard to miss this season. It is the perfect alternative to the regular cotton shirt, or the blouse made in viscose. Take for example our corduroy shirt Astra or dress Deliya – both made in this season’s trendiest colors and for you to add to your wardrobe.

Together with corduroy you will also find natures best materials such as cotton, wool, merino wool, viscose and much more. We will never compromise on qualities, and we are focused on creating styles, made to fulfill your wishes – in high-quality materials. This season welcomes materials in more warm editions. This, of course goes hand in hand with the season of change – the chilly days and darker nights. The benefits of making items in these materials is that they contribute to comfort – being breathable and soft to wear. The breathability makes sure your body temperature is always on point. This way you will never feel too hot or too cold.

At Redgreen you will find different styles in the seasonal colors and fittings – both for men and women. The Autumn collection consists of both jackets, coats, knitwear, sweaters, shirts and so much more – designed and made to fit in any wardrobe. So, if you have not seen our newest collection, now is the time. You, properly still have not updated your wardrobe, so it fits this season?