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Ever since the brand launched in 1983, REDGREEN has been a Danish fashion brand, designing styles with inspiration from the maritime universe. Therefore, we have designed a MADE IN DENMARK collection, which suits our style. A collection that consists of five styles and is designed and produced in Denmark.

Every single style in our MADE IN DENMARK collection is made with inspiration from the nautical universe, whether it is the classical Breton stripe, or the cable knit, which origin comes from the Aran sweater. Both being part of historical pieces from the nautical universe. For example, our style Knit Joes, a stylish and cool pullover made with inspiration from the traditional Fishermen knit, also named the Aran sweater. A long time ago, the Aran sweater was used by fishermen, to make sure they would stay warm during times at sea. The sweater guarantees body heat while having the advances of absorbing 30% of its weight in water, before feeling wet.

Even though the MADE IN DENMARK collection is made with inspiration from old days, we make sure to produce our clothes in high-quality materials. All five styles are produced in natural materials and made in 100% wool. The advantages of making clothes in natural materials are, that it is temperature regulating and breathable to wear. Our MADE IN DENMARK collection is comfortable to wear, without compromising the design.

Maybe you already know the fives styles, seen them or heard of them. Since the beginning, they have been part of our best sold styles and therefore, they have become part of our fixed range of styles that are always available. The five styles are: Knit Joes, Knit Jan, Knit Cardigan Kresten, Knit Jarl and Knit Jens.

The collection is only available in the color Navy. The Navy color is associated with sailors and the maritime and nautical universe. It is one of the colors that represents our brand and especially our MADE IN DENMARK collection. You will find that Navy colored styles are always accessible whenever we launch new collections.

Our MADE IN DENMARK collection is available in size S-6XL and every single style is suitable for any occasion, where you need to stay warm. Every piece can be styled with both jeans and chinos and if you seek to get a cleaner look, they can be styled with a pair of suit pants.

The MADE IN DENMARK collection is perfect for the classic and cool guy, that values high quality without compromising the design.