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Autumn trends

Autumn trends

Autumn trends

Autumn is calling and we warmly welcome it. This season is marked by new trends and styles which are classically and maritime inspired.

With autumn comes chilly days and chilly days means cozy knits and warm jackets and that is something to look forward too. Entering a new season means time to change your wardrobe favorites. And this season’s wardrobe should be characterized by classic styles in classic colors. Colors like Beige, Army green and Navy are a definite must have in any 2021 fall wardrobe.

Not only is the seasoning colors a must have. Certain styles have made their way back and we are thrilled. Maybe you have already seen it, but several brands have launched designs with the iconic and maritime stripes.

Redgreen has always been known for designing clothes with inspiration from the maritime and nautical universe, which is why we have the pleasure of introducing our new style Knit Jan.

Maritime inspired knit

Knit Jan is made with inspiration from the Breton stripes, which was first introduced in 1858 on the sailor uniform. Today it is more common seen and made with a modern touch. Knit Jan is made in 100% pure wool, which makes it very comfortable and soft to wear.