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The Oxford shirt

The Oxford shirt

The Oxford shirt

The Oxford shirt has come a long way from its original roots in the 19th century. The Oxford shirt was first seen in Scotland where it was common to experiment with fabric structures. The fabric of an Oxford shirt is characterized by a basket weave structure where you use two different yarns – one heavy and one fine. 

The Oxford functionality had many advantages. In the early 19th century polo players started wearing it while playing due to the fabric. At that time, the fabric was the best on the market for sportswear. Eventually the fabric became useful if you wanted a more casually appearance, or paired with suit and tie. 

The Oxford shirt has been styled and worn differently throughout time. Some liked it untucked and with sleeves rolled up, some tucked in and with a pair of relaxed fitted jeans. These looks all became iconic due to the popular Oxford shirt and has remained largely unchanged throughout time. Even some women started wearing the Oxford shirt as well.


Shirt Anton

REDGREEN's Oxford shirt

We haven’t changed much from the Oxford shirt's original roots. We have always considered it perfect as it is. Instead, we have designed it in different colors and in 100% cotton which makes it very comfortable and breathable to wear. The functionality of our REDGREEN Oxford shirt is important to us. We know how hard it is to find the perfect shirt and a shirt that is usable for any occasion. That is why we like to keep things simple and classic and to make sure it fits in any wardrobe. The REDGREEN Oxford shirt is called Shirt Anton and is one our most popular and sold styles. It comes in the colors - White, Light Blue and Light Blue Stripe.