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Accessories for him

At REDGREEN we do not forget about accessories. At REDGREEN you will find what is necessary if you need something to give you that extra touch. You can never get your hands on too many accessories. Even if it is just the hat or the scarf. You can brighten up any outfit and create a whole new look with the right accessories.

Accessories, that creates the look

An outfit helps to express who you are. That is why whenever you create a look, you need to take every single piece into consideration. Accessories can often be the single pieces that combines the look and gives you that extra spark. Even if it is just the use of a scarf with your favorite jacket. It can be anything from the more colorful accessories to the more neutral ones that help determine the expression of your outfit.  

Belts, hats and scarfs from REDGREEN

With your favorite accessories from REDGREEN, you can style and put together outfits that gives you that extra. Outfits that have the potential to be your favorite look. Our accessories are made to be used with every one of our products. For example, use the scarf with our classic and maritime inspired jacket to keep warm or give the jacket a whole new expression.