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Classic men's knit

Every wardrobe should contain fine knitwear, which is why we at Redgreen naturally also create high-quality knitwear for men. Classic knitwear is an absolute must-have in any men's wardrobe and can often give the final finish to a nice classic outfit. Whether you are missing a warm layer, for when you are out for a walk or a nice top that matches your classic outfit, nice knitwear from Redgreen is absolutely perfect.

Our quality knitwear for men is always made in the best hig-quality materials, so your knitwear keeps its shape, no matter how many times you have used it. With the right fit and with comfortable materials, warm knitwear is always a dear friend - even in a stylish wardrobe.

At Redgreen, we make clothes for the style-conscious man who has a keen eye for style and for quality. Our cool styles with maritime characteristics, can be used for both everyday use and festive occasions.


Classic knitwear from Redgreen

Redgreen is a Danish fashion brand focusing on creating classic styles that last a lifetime.
A classic wardrobe always consists of simple items, and therefore we find quality knitwear quite indispensable. In recent years, classic knitting has become particularly popular. At Redgreen, we always follow the maritime men's fashion quite closely, and we always work from a vision of being able to make durable classics for the classic men's wardrobe. We never compromise on either quality or design. Therefore, our clothes will always carry the maritime DNA that is characteristic of the Redgreen brand.

Classic knitwear can be used for any occasion and can be combined with many different outfits and looks. Use a knit with a cool cotton shirt and keep it clean, use your knit as outerwear on a cool summer evening or have it as a fixture in your winter wardrobe. With our classic men's knitwear, the possibilities are many. Our high-quality knitwear for men is for everyone with a classic men's wardrobe. You will find that our knitwear is available in all sizes from S to 4XL. Selected styles are available in sizes S to 6XL.