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No collection without the polo shirt

The polo shirt for men is always a sure hit among the quality and style conscious men. However, this it not news. For many style-conscious men, the polo shirt has therefore been a fixture in the wardrobe, since the classic top made its debut in the fashion world.

Any classic man’s wardrobe contains cool and stylish polo shirts, and therefore also fits into the maritime men’s fashion. The polo shirts are the perfect pendant for the t-shirt, and with a polo shirt from Redgreen you will get well-dressed, in a nice and relaxed way.

At Redgreen, we create polo shirts for men in nice high-quality materials and stylish classical colors. This gives you the opportunity to always keep a clean and classic style and to match your polo shirt with the rest of you wardrobe. We do not compromise on quality or design, and therefore you can always count on polo shirts in nice and comfortable materials with a sharp, classic look, from Redgreen.

No matter how many times you wash your polo shirt from Redgreen, the fitting and collar with not change. The clean cut makes sure you look sharp, so if you need a new polo shirt, see our large selection and find your new high-quality polo shirt right away to complete your men’s wardrobe today.


Always with a keen eye for high-quality and design

As a Danish fashion brand, we have been creating clothes for the well-dressed man since 1983. Our DNA is impregnated with the maritime design. Therefore, our clothes are always designed with this in mind. We focus on designing classic styles that last a long time, and therefore our polo shirt for men is always made in the highest quality in soft and comfortable materials. For this precise reason, a classic polo shirt is perfect for the man with an eye for quality and classic styles.

A stylish design offers countless way to dress. A polo shirt can be used for several occasions and has the advantages of making you look relaxed in a cool and classic way, even if you seek a finer look. The polo shirt is the perfect alternative to a shirt. Combine your polo shirt with a pair of our cool shirt or pants and be sure to always feel well dressed. Our polo shirts for men are for whomever possess great taste in quality and design. Our high-quality polo shirts are available in sizes from S to 4XL. Selected polo shirts are available in sizes S to 6XL.