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High-quality shirts from Redgreen

At Redgreen, we have a large selection of cool and soft cotton shirts for men. Our selection offers lightweight shirts in a stylish design that we consider a definite must have in any man’s wardrobe.
Shirts have been an essential part of a classic men's wardrobe since the dawn of time, and here both the traditional cotton shirts and the lightweight and more casual linen shirts for men apply. Our cotton and linen shirts are available with both short and long sleeves and in a variety of classic colors, so you can always match them with your classic outfit.

Our cool and stylish cotton and linen shirts can be used for all occasions. The simple and light design of the shirts can function as the perfect casual everyday look and also for festive occasions, when there is something to celebrate.

Whether you are looking for the long-sleeved linen shirt or the printed short-sleeved cotton shirt durable for a loog week of work, you will find the perfect style at Redgreen. Our cotton shirts for men are designed with a focus on simple and clean lines based on classic men’s fashion. A perfect fit ensures an always sharp expression, so you are well dressed for any occasion and in any situation.


Classic shirts for men

Redgreen is a Danish fashion brand which since 1983 has created and produced classic clothing to the style-conscious and classy man. We strive to be able to create and supply durable classics in great quality, and our designs never deviates from our maritime source of inspiration. The Danish design is always strongly embedded in our clothes. Which is why our linen- and cotton shirts are always designed with a touch that matches the classic men’s fashion perfectly.  

At Redgreen we create beautiful and stylish shirts for the style-conscious men. The soft fabric our shirts are made in, is appealing to any man. By using high-quality materials, we ensure our shirts always keep their fit and last a long time. At the same time, our cotton and linen shirts are extremely comfortable to wear. While wearing a high-quality shirt from Redgreen, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

Even though men’s fashion is evolving, one thing will always be certain when it comes to classic men’s fashion. Classic cotton shirts for men never run out of style, and mixed with high-quality materials from Redgreen, we ensure you always stay stylish.