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Sweatshirts in high-quality materials

At Redgreen you will find a large selection of sweatshirts for men. Our sweatshirts are always made in soft materials and combined with our design we ensure a proper fit. Our sweatshirts are made in the most comfortable and soft quality. Among our selection you will find sweatshirts with and without print, which ensures every opportunity to find the perfect, classic sweatshirt, made just to match your wish.

A sweatshirt in nice and soft materials is perfect for when you need to relax. However, a sweatshirt can be used for many different occasions, and not only when you go to or from the gym.

Sweatshirts from Redgreen is perfect for a more relaxed look. Style a sweatshirt with a polo shirt under or a shirt. A sweatshirt can be combined with many of our maritime designs. In summer the sweatshirt is perfectly usable as a warm top and in winter as a more relaxed alternative to your knitwear.  


Cool sweatshirts from a high-quality minded brand

Since 1983, we have created classic styles for the quality-conscious man. Our sweatshirts for men are a popular style – indeed with the man who has a keen eye for details and stylish designs.

We create durable classics for the men’s wardrobe and never will we compromise on either quality or design. That is why our sweatshirts are also marked by our maritime identity, which we always keep in mind designing new styles. With Redgreen’s sweatshirt for men, you get a complete men’s wardrobe with high-quality clothes for every occasion.