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High-quality knitwear for women

At Redgreen you will find knitwear in high-quality materials, made with organic cotton, merino wool, and mohair, etc. Fall in love with one of our many knitwear styles and find your new cardigan, sweater, or cape in the most comfortable quality.

Redgreen knitwear is made for the stylish women, who appreciates high-quality. We value well-fitted, comfortable, and beautiful knitwear, and we think all women deserves beautiful knitwear, without compromising with the quality.

Wool has the amazing ability to regulate body heat while at the same time having good ventilation. This means, among other things, that wool can be used during different seasons with different weather conditions, while not feeling too hot. Our knitwear is always made of the highest quality, and many of our styles are made in Europe. Some or even made in Denmark, so when you shop Redgreen knitwear, you are guaranteed a beautiful high-quality knit.

The high quality of wool and cotton, makes sure you always feel comfortable in your knitwear from Redgreen. Our knitwear can be used all year round, and especially during winter, when you need to stay warm.

Give your wardrobe new life with Redgreen knitwear 

A knit can make your outfit look complete and with knitwear from Redgreen, you can bring your outfit to new heights. Our knitwear can beneficial be used with a shirt, or with the purpose to get a more relaxed look, if you style it with a dress. With high-quality knitwear from Redgreen you will always look stylish.

The stylish knit is suitable for any occasion, whether you need a comfortable knit to relax or to bring your outfit to new height. It is even suitable for work, or when you just need a beautiful, warm knit for everyday use.

Knitwear from Redgreen is timeless and fashionable and can be used season after season. Several of our knits are classics, which we consider an absolute must have in any wardrobe. You can style your knit from Redgreen with basically anything in your wardrobe, as classic fashion is characteristic for the Redgreen brand. Use knitwear from Redgreen for all occasion – whether it’s for work, with a shirt or a t-shirt underneath, or for more festive occasions with a dress underneath. You can also style our beautiful cardigans or knitted capes in addition to your dress or skirt.