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Find your new Redgreen jacket

At Redgreen you will find a selection of stylish outerwear for women with an eye for quality. For many years, Redgreen has been a symbol of high-quality clothing, and therefore our selection allows you to find the right kind of outerwear without having to compromise on either quality or design.

At Redgreen you will find jackets and coats for each season, so whether you are looking for a jacket that is waterproof or one that can withstand the bitter cold during winter, you are guaranteed to find it among our selection. A solid piece of outerwear is indispensable and is often what should get you through the winter cold and the windy weather of autumn. Of course, we also have beautiful jackets for spring and summer, for when you need a light and stylish jacket for work, everyday or party.

When the spring jacket is found, it is a definite sign, that we are facing summer. At Redgreen, we have jackets for every season, so you can stay well protected from whatever weather the seasons brings us.

Women's outerwear that lasts

A jacket is not only a piece of clothes to help keep you warm – it is often considered the final touch to the perfect outfit. When choosing outerwear, make sure that it actively contributes to your style. A jacket can be neutral and stylish – a piece of clothing that matches any outfit or even a colorful jacket, that spices up any look.

Stylish outerwear ties the final knot to any look.  With Redgreen outerwear, you are guaranteed to find outerwear in both classic, stylish, and functional design.

With stylish high-quality outerwear from Redgreen, you will be able to enjoy your outerwear for many seasons. With fashionable choices of outerwear, it is the quality that determines whether the jacket last season after season. Our women’s outerwear, which is made of high-quality materials, has a long durability, so you do not have to change your jacket all the time. Wear your Redgreen jacket or coat year after year – with our fashionable styles, you are guaranteed your outerwear will never run out of style.