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Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

Since 1983, REDGREEN has been a Danish fashion brand that drew inspiration from the maritime universe. That is why we have developed a MADE IN DENMARK collection that fits in with our spirit. A collection that contains 5 styles, all of which are designed and produced here in Denmark.

Each style in our MADE IN DENMARK collection is designed so that they bear the stamp of the maritime look, whether it is the classic Breton stripe or the cable knit that originates from the Aran sweater. Both parts with roots from the nautical universe. Take, for example, Knit Joes, a stylish and popular pullover that has been developed with inspiration from the traditional Fishermen knit, also called the Aran sweater. In the old days, the Aran sweater was used by seafarers when they were on the water. The sweater kept them warm while also being able to absorb 30% of its weight in water before feeling wet

Although the collection is made with inspiration from the old days, we have still maintained the good quality. All 5 styles are produced in natural qualities and consist of 100% wool. The advantage of producing clothes in natural qualities is that they are temperature regulating and therefore breathable to wear. Our MADE IN DENMARK collection is both comfortable to wear, without compromising on design and quality.

Maybe you already know the 5 styles, have heard about them or seen them. Since the beginning, they have been part of our best-selling styles and are therefore also found as part of our regular range. The five styles go by the names: Knit Joes, Knit Jan, Knit Cardigan Kresten, Knit Jarl and Knit Jens.

Our MADE IN DENMARK collection is only available in the color navy. The blue color is characterized by the sea people and the maritime and nautical universe. Blue is the color of the sea and is therefore reflected in all of our styles, and especially in our MADE IN DENMARK collection. The color matches well with our brand, and is therefore often used when we launch new collections.

Our MADE IN DENMARK styles are available in sizes S-6XL and can be used for all occasions where you need to keep warm. They can each be styled with both jeans and chinos, and if you're looking for a nicer look, you can style the top with a pair of dress pants.

The MADE IN DENMARK collection is a collection that suits the classic and stylish man who appreciates good quality without compromising on design.

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