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A look into a REDGREEN woman's closet reveals a string of basics and classics. Dear and considered choices, chosen to comply with her desire to mix and.

Match and make everyday life easy. Basic and classic describe her style perfectly! She looks for value and durability in her wardrobe choices and isn't afraid to splurge on clothes and accessories if they last a long time.

She often keeps her clothes and accessories until they are worn out because much of what she buys does not go out of style. She prefers fine natural fibres, timeless looks and beautiful, simple cuts in fresh and interesting designs, twisted with iconic details from the nautical universe.

REDGREEN the man

Comfortable clothes with authenticity! Made from nature's best materials such as cotton, linen and wool.

REDGREEN men's clothing is essential choice for the man who prefers comfort meets style!

He takes his cues from the nautical universe and stays true to his favourites. Among his signatures are chinos paired with relaxed cable knit, a classic Breton striped polo or an authentic sailor shirt.

And on cold days, the legendary peacoat on top!

The REDGREEN men's collection consists of jeans & trousers, knitwear, jackets, shirts, polos & t-shirts, shorts and accessori

The knitting!

"The fisherman" knit is an icon among knitwear. Born in the 18th century.

The Fisherman knit is an iconic knit with strong roots in the Irish maritime tradition. Originally made to protect its wearer from harsh weather at sea and to be robust enough to withstand the wear and tear of hard work.

The "bubble pattern" was developed to provide strong insulating properties. The Fisherman knit has stayed true to its roots and is today an iconic signature garment!

In 2018, REDGREEN presented a limited "Made in Denmark" version of the fisherman's knit as an interpretation of the wool sweater worn by Danish fishermen. It is knitted in 100% pure new wool.

The pea coat

The beauty of our peacoat is that you feel well dressed, both literally and figuratively. You feel like yourself in the coat and isn't that what every piece of outerwear should entail.

A good cut and even better - practical. This is what makes a garment stylish - and a classic. And what is more important in the cold, that it is a reliable piece of outerwear.

Not only is it timeless in style and great to wear, but the exquisite detailing of heavy wool fabric, double-breasted closure for warmth, extra high collar and wide lapels for protection from the wind - make the coat ideal for warding off the bitter cold. It is, after all, a coat of heritage, originally worn by sailors. The coat is a style classic for both women and men.

Among true arbiters of taste who have worn it best are not only Robert Redford, but also icons such as James Dean, Bob Dylan and mr. Giorgio Armani. We have them to thank for turning this coat into a cult item.

Made in Denmark strik på model

We LOVE the stripes

If there's one piece of clothing that most of us probably have in our closets, it's the classic Breton striped jumper!

Introduced in 1885 as a uniform of the French Navy, the style had no fashion consciousness until Coco Chanel - after a trip to the French coast - took notice.

The iconic designer was so inspired by the sailor's uniform that she incorporated the stripes into her 1917 nautical collection.

Later, the stripes were also inextricably linked with Jean Paul Gaultier, who has repeatedly included it in his fashion collections throughout his career. That's how the striped jersey became the legend we all love.

At REDGREEN, the Breton stripe is deeply rooted in our DNA.

The History of the Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt is a piece of sartorial heritage, originally made by Scottish cloth mills in the 19th century. It was one of four shirts named after universities. The others - Yale, Harvard and Cambridge - never established the same iconic image.

The Oxford shirt is defined by the Oxford weave. This is a specific basketweave pattern that combines two yarns, giving the characteristic marbled cotton look.

Today, the Oxford shirt is a must-have in every well-dressed man's wardrobe. Its fame began when polo players of the British Raj chose it as their uniform due to its light and breathable qualities.

To prevent the collar from flapping in the wind during play, small buttons were sewn onto the shirt to hold the collar in place. This is how the button-down collar was born.

The prestige of the Oxford shirt found its way to America, where it was embraced by

Ivy league students in the 1920s and 1930s. And since then it has become a must-have in many men's closets.

The legendary cable knit

Few pieces of clothing ooze class and style like the legendary cable knit sweater!

From its origins as a sturdy garment for fishermen and sailors on the Arran Islands off the west coast of Ireland in the early 19th century, cable knit has seen its transition from work to leisure.

Today it is a true nautical signature and a classic statement. Many myths are associated with the origin of the sweater and the knitting traditions of the Arran Islands.

The islanders were fishermen and farmers whose lives and livelihoods were deeply intertwined. The Arran sweater was born from this environment, passed down from generation to generation and has since become the ultimate symbol of Irish clan heritage.

REDGREEN – Since 1983

It all started in 1983 with a visionary Danish shipbuilder. Design enthusiast, industrial designer, artist and writer Bent Krebs founded REDGREEN and created the iconic logo that depicts his passion for the sea, sailing and unique design.

The first REDGREEN collection was launched at a time when lifestyle brands and storytelling were not yet on everyone's lips. Bent Krebs created enormous success, and during the first twelve years in the industry, the turnover exceeded 5 million euros.

REDGREEN was available in selected stores, exclusive department stores and concept stores - not only in several European countries, but also in Hong Kong and Japan, where REDGREEN concept store number 13 opened in 1995. At the beginning of the new millennium, the number of concept stores worldwide exceeded 125 .

The logo

REDGREEN's logo was originally used by ship navigators as an essential tool to ensure safe passage.

A ship is divided into two parts along its length with the bow at the front and the stern at the back.

The right side of the ship is starboard and illustrated with the green colour. The left side is the port side and is shown in red. Imagine yourself as a ship.

Then the green part of the logo must always be on the starboard side of your body, and the red part must always be on the port side - and on all REDGREEN's productions the logo is placed according to these navigation rules.

Nautical vibes

The sea, the smell of the salty air, the special Nordic light, bright minds and enormous love and care for nature. They are all deeply rooted in our Danish design DNA.

These values ​​are the essence of REDGREEN's heritage from the dedicated people who, back in 1983, threw their passion into creating true, classic clothing, lifestyle products and accessories with a nautical signature.

Environment and nature

We respect the needs and concerns of the community in which we live and work.

Our products, services and activities reflect this concern. We strive to protect the environment and will support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges:

  • Take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of our customers

Resource reduction practices, responsible waste management, recycling and energy saving are considered by us to be legal, ethical and business requirements.

Authenticity is our compass

The first word in our brand bible is authenticity! Right from the beginning, the sea has been our guiding star.

The REDGREEN brand has navigated through trends and trends. But no matter where fashion has taken the world, our inner compass has kept us close to our authentic nautical ancestry.

Authenticity is a priority in our design. Staying true to who we are and where we come from. For this reason, the mainstay of every REDGREEN collection is a take on the classic navy peacoat. We look at authentic, traditional garments and give them a subtle twist to match collections, seasons and today's woman and man.

Another signature piece that shows the direction of the collection and the brand is the item in luxurious, authentic cable knit. Elegant knitwear that tells a story of traditional craftsmanship and intricate patterns that can be traced to the region a sailor came from.

These pieces, together with the legendary Breton stripe, guide us towards further perfection of REDGREEN's DNA.

That's what we're made of!

Denmark has a rich and diverse history of quality, design and architecture, primarily focused on functionalism and simplicity.

Over time, Danish designers and architects have managed to radically change the public's perception of design from something that is only seen as reserved for artists and professionals, to something that enhances everyday life.

We pay tribute to our icons and their creators for their influence on the Danish design tradition, and we thank them for the inspiration they still bring us. Thanks to them, the Nordic spirit and clean forms are still the traces of modern design.

True to our core values

REDGREEN's nautical designs bring a fresh approach to the classics, but still with a focus on distinctive silhouettes and nautical signatures. Classic with an edge is the taste.

The proud Scandinavian design tradition with functionality, simplicity and clean lines is our guiding principle!

Our brand is approachable and relevant to style - and REDGREEN's nautical designs bring a fresh approach to the classics, but still with a focus on distinctive silhouettes and nautical signatures. Classic with an edge is the taste.

The proud Scandinavian design tradition with functionality, simplicity and clean lines is our guiding principle! Our brand is accessible and relevant to style- and quality-conscious people of all ages and is strongly associated with premium quality and exquisite fabrics and fabrication.


NOC Holding Aps. is the company behind the lifestyle brand REDGREEN.

The company is based in Aarhus with Torben Hartvigsen and Jesper Hartvigsen at the front.

REDGREEN offers a wide and international collection of up-to-date designs aimed at the modern, active man or woman who loves the outdoors, but also prefers clothes suitable for a working life in the office or for a night out with good friends.

A collection with strong roots in Scandinavia and with deep values ​​in design, quality and the nautical universe.

The design DNA in REDGREEN is built with the most respectful values ​​that the founder of REDGREEN, Bent Krebs, created back in 1983. The founder's unique passion for storytelling and the nautical tradition reflected in the great classic products are still the values , REDGREEN builds on.