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Vores inspiration

Our inspiration

We have always loved the sea and the maritime.
This is what drives our inspiration
and it which has always been our guiding star.

We value authenticity in everything we do. Staying true to our brand DNA is part of who we are and who we have been since REDGREEN was launched in 1983. That's why we always keep this in mind when we design and launch new collections.

The driving force behind the REDGREEN collections is a different take on the classic and maritime Peacoat in Navy. Among other things, we look at authentic and traditional clothing and give it a discreet twist so that it matches our seasonal collections and those who use it today.

Another style that guides the direction of REDGREEN's collections are styles in luxurious cable knit. Such as Lang Vest and Knit Joes. Delicate and elegant knitwear that can be traced back to the Aran Sweater. The Aran sweater is designed as a cable knit and was popular with fishermen a long time ago. The sweater has many good properties. It was water resistant and did not allow the rain to penetrate. The sweater could absorb 30% of its weight in water before it felt wet. Today, the Aran sweater is better known as the cable knit and is one of REDGREEN's signature styles.

Joe's knitted sweater on model

Although some of REDGREEN's styles are more characterized by the maritime and nautical universe, we also try to ensure that there is something for every taste. We design styles that suit a classic and stylish wardrobe.

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