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At Redgreen, we make classic menswear for the style-conscious man. Our selection offers classic styles indispensable for any wardrobe. Find shirts, blouses, pants and knitwear in a stylish design. All our clothes are made of high-quality materials. With clothes from Redgreen, you can get a stylish and quality-conscious wardrobe, where both fit, quality and design last a long time.

Our signature is high-quality clothing created in a classic style with a maritime touch - something that always fits the classic men's fashion. We always let time, trends and men’s fashion inspire us, when creating new styles, however, we never deviate from our Redgreen DNA. That is why you will always be able to recognize clothes from our brand.

With classic menswear from Redgreen, you will never be in doubt about whether your wardrobe is running out of style. Our designs are timeless, classic and modern at the same time. We never compromise on quality, which is why you are guaranteed classic styles duable time after time.



Whatever occasion you need to dress for, you will find the perfect outfits in a men's wardrobe from Redgreen. Our classic menswear allows for a relaxed style for both every day and party.

For the quality and style-conscious man, a wardrobe from Redgreen is absolutely perfect. Our brand is strong, and our design is always true to the maritime DNA. We make clothes for the quality-conscious man, who has already found his classic style. Any man needs a strong and stylish wardrobe, and that is precisely why our high-quality clothes fit perfectly into any wardrobe that takes a stand on its style.

At Redgreen, we create menswear in a classic design in great quality, always clean lines and an eye for details. We supply a wide selection of classic menswear and therefore have all the necessary items for both summer and winter. Our clothes are available in all sizes from S to 4XL and selected styles from S to 6XL. Treat yourself or the man in your life with classic menswear from Redgreen, and become part of the classic, stylish, and maritime inspired universe with us.