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Slow fashion – classical must haves for any all-year-round wardrobe

Quite simply, slow fashion is a relatively new approach to clothing production used in the clothing industry and in connection with our personal clothing consumption. In this approach, as a company and individual, we are aware of the process and the resources it takes to make and produce clothes. This approach is an advocate for buying higher quality clothing so you can have it as a permanent part of your wardrobe for many years to come, and then the approach is also an advocate for a fair treatment of workers, animals and of course the planet. At Redgreen, we encourage our customers to take part in slow fashion, which is why we have developed a universe with must have styles in the highest quality, so you always have classic, durable and stylish designs in your wardrobe.

Classical must haves designed to always stay fashionable

The sustainable part of slow fashion consists of clothes produced in this category and designed to surpass changing trends and the whims of fashion. At Redgreen, we therefore also produce must-haves with a focus on the fact that they can be part of your wardrobe all year round and for years to come. For the same reason, it is not limited to just being basic items like t-shirts, but also clothing items that have already proven that they return time and time again to our wardrobes.

Get inspired by classic designs for the men’s wardrobe

We have a large selection of clothing that you can invest in, if you want to support the slow fashion principles, and if you want classic designs in the best possible quality. Below, we have highlighted some of our slow fashion favorites for men so you can get inspired:

The classic and stylish Polo Carl: Our Polo Carl is a must-have in any wardrobe - whether you like polo shirts for everyday use or you need a go-to polo shirt for festive occasions. Our polo Carl is made of cotton and elastane, which contributes to a comfortable and comfy look.

Cool and comfortable basic t-shirts: At Redgreen, we have our regular range of classic t-shirts in a soft cotton quality with a subtle Redgreen logo. It is available in a multitude of colors that you can style as you please depending on the occasion.

Get inspired by classic designs for the women’s wardrobe

At Redgreen, we also have a wide selection of solid clothing that should be part of every woman's year-round wardrobe. You can combine these items as you please depending on what occasion you are dressing for. Below, we have highlighted some of our slow fashion favorites for women so you can get inspired:

A shirt for all occasions: Our beautiful and stylish shirts are a regular part of our selection. This is a style that has proven to be rediscovered and in demand time and time again due to its classic and versatile character.

Beautiful and comfortable basic t-shirts: At Redgreen you will find our selection of basic t-shirts, which are an indispensable part of any year-round wardrobe. The t-shirt is available in a multitude of colors, and they are all produced in the best possible qualities. You will also find different designs all depending on what you prefer.